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Spring Clean Up to Your Home

Spring season is considered to be one of the best times to tackle home maintenance projects. Regularly keeping up with home maintenance, both inside and out, will not only maintain the quality of your home but also extend the lifetime of many systems.

PRO TIP Start early in the spring season while the temperatures begin to warm up and before the rain showers occur.

Review our list below of items that you should consider scheduling into your home maintenance in the spring:

Clear Your Gutters

Winter season likely brought an accumulation of leaves and other debris into your gutter system. It's important to keep your gutters clean and clear to protect the siding and exterior of your home.

Take on the task yourself of clearing your gutters before spring showers arrive so the downspouts move the water away from your foundation.

You may also hire someone to do this if you prefer.

Clean Your AC Condenser

Just as debris builds in your gutters, your AC condenser can can accumulate some build up as well so it's important to keep it clear. Simply removing this by hand, or lightly spraying with a garden house should do the trick. This will keep your AC running efficiently for the upcoming warm weather.

Power-Wash Your Siding and Decks

Time to give your exterior a refresh. Power washing not only removes the dirt from winter but also prevents mildew from building up on your siding. You'll want to be sure you completely clear away any debris from between your deck boards as this could lead to rotting.

Caulk Your Windows and Doors

The harsh conditions of winter may cause some of the trim, windows, and doors to need new caulking. Inspect closely and caulk where necessary to prevent any water from coming in. When purchasing, look for caulk that is rated for exterior use.

Inspect Roofing, Driveways and Sidewalks

With the snow and ice of winter, this is an area to pay especially close attention to upon the season change. The freezing and thawing may have caused cracks within concrete walkways or asphalt driveways. Also, examine your roof for any missing shingles or rusted flashing. If anything looks worn, you can call in a roofing specialist for further examination and repair.

Prep Your Yard

Now is a great time to start clearing the branches, rocks, and leaves that have been thrown about your yard from winter. You can begin mowing to get your hard into shape before the warm weather appears. You should also survey your yard for any low spots that are accumulating puddles. Leaving this unaddressed will not only kill your grass but also invite mosquitoes to your backyard, which no one wants! You can fill in these spots with some clean dirt to avoid them getting any worse.


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