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Brittany Ursini

Brittany brings her astute negotiation skills and client-centered mindset to every transaction. As a former real estate attorney, her attention to detail, discretion and analytical thinking are invaluable in assisting clients throughout the entire process.

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Christa Ursini

Christa promises a thoughtfully designed client experience and relies on her creative problem solving to bring each transaction to the finish line. As a former luxury real estate marketer, she delivers unique marketing strategies to each property.



We worked with Brittany and Christa to find our first home and had a great experience! This market is tough and can be full of disappointment, but we lucked out finding a team that helped us along the way! We weren’t exactly sure where we wanted to be but they hustled to look anywhere and everywhere we were interested. They picked up on our preferences but were willing to see houses - both far and near - that probably weren’t it just so we could rule things out. Not only would they answer all of our questions, they really were supportive and enjoyable to spend time with!

We would highly recommend them if you are looking throughout the NY and CT area, between the two of them they will work really hard to help you find the home you are looking for!


Working with Brittany and the Ursini team was a blessing. She is so compassionate, and extremely hard working. She went above and beyond in this competitive market to make my home buying dreams come true. Brittany was commutative and there every step of the way. Thank you Brittany!


Wholeheartedly recommend Christa and Brittany! As first time home buyers relocating from the city to the suburbs, we didn't know much about the buying process. Christa and Brittany were wonderful each step of the way. They were incredibly knowledgeable and came up with creative solutions to navigate a tough buyer's market. They listened to our preferences, were always available and responsive, and helped us find just what we were looking for.


For us, it was essential to have this team that supports both CT and NY. The 2 states were real possibilities and having two sisters who are not competing but collaborating, made a big difference. I am not from the USA and this was the first house that I purchased in my life. The whole process would have taken a lot more time (something I didn't have given the pandemic) without their help. They were always extremely responsive and available. We saw 10 houses in one single day! They are very kind and addressed all my concerns. It's not an easy process, with a lot of emotions, as it involves expectations, dreams and a lot of money. I'm happy that I had Christa to support me. I super recommend The Ursini Team.

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The landscape of business is evolving, and as agents, we must do the same. We can no longer rely on a static brand, a singular revenue stream or traditional strategies.

That's why we created Ursini & Co., a community that empowers agents to build beyond transactions and find freedom in their business.

If you're an agent looking to broaden your brand, create multiple revenue streams and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs, we invite you to join us.


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