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Three Things We Tell Our Clients

The best part of our job is guiding people in finding their place in the NYC suburbs. In both Fairfield and Westchester County, we've helped our clients navigate one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country. Here are 3 things we tell our clients to help them find success in their home buying journey.

1. Consider Similar Towns

We can learn about what's important to you and guide you in finding towns in both NY and CT that meet your needs. If there's a certain town you love, we'll be able to recommend similar towns so that you can expand your options. If you’re unsure what neighborhoods you’d like to consider, we’ve created the Steps to Suburbia program to help you learn about the different neighborhoods in the NYC Suburbs. You can browse some of the neighborhood guides or check out our Suburban Side-by-Sides which compare similar towns and their features.

2. Start Looking

Start viewing houses in person so that you can get to know the market, experience the neighborhoods, and easily compare different homes. We can get you started by having a conversation with you about your top priorities. Then, we set you up on a Compass Collection, which will send you automatic updates on any new listings meeting your criteria. With a Collection, you can stay organized in your home search and easily save, comment and share your favorite homes with others.

3. Don't Do It Alone

It can be an exhausting market for buyers who do this on their own. As agents, we're here to take the pressure off and negotiate on your behalf, helping you present the strongest offer possible. We understand the nuances that come along with each deal and can advise you each step of the way. And best of all, our services are completely free to you.


If you have questions about how to navigate the home buying process in New York or Connecticut, reach out to us today!


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