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Fireplaces: From Tired and Outdated to Fresh and Stylish

When renovating our homes, both of us had fireplaces that needed some love! Read on to see how in a few easy steps, each of us was able to transform our fireplaces into updated centerpieces of our living areas.



This fireplace presented a few challenges for me. Since it was flush against the wall, I had to find a way to make it stand out without any dimension. The existing mantle and trim around it was too traditional and lacked personality, so I decided to rip all of it out and start with a clean slate.

The white brick felt too plain against my walls, so I wanted to add a pop of color - but not something too bold. I was on the hunt for a tile I could easily place over the existing brick, and found the perfect size and color at ReStore for an amazing price. All of the tile cost me less than $75! The blue/gray color contrasts perfectly with my white walls and floor color.

Sticking with the vintage theme throughout my house, I started scouring antique stores and markets to find a beautiful piece of wood that I could use as a mantle. I found the perfect piece at Monger’s Market, which gave it just the touch I was looking for. With this being the focal piece, I didn’t feel the need to add any extra wood elements around the fireplace, so opted for a flat white trim.

For the finishing touches, I don’t believe in cluttering a mantle, so I wanted to find some minimal pieces to complete the look. The fireplace now creates the perfect focal point in our living room and provides just the right ambiance on cool nights.



The current setup was outdated and tired-looking. The fireplace is the first thing you see when you walk in my front door, so in my renovation I wanted to be sure that this left a good first impression.

The first thing I did was brighten it up with some fresh paint. I used Sherwin Williams Snowbound for a crisp and natural white. I was happy with the slate surround so I left that as is. Changing out the floors to a wide plank oak look also helped in modernizing the space.

Due to my vaulted ceilings, I do not have any current recessed lights in the living room. So as a way to add some light to the room, we decided to cut out two new sconces in the fireplace wall. Being the fireplace wall already had electricity, this was an easy solution and also created a nice statement in the space. I sourced these two aged brass and walnut pendants from Rejuvenation that give it a modern touch.

I finished off the space with a new photo, vintage brass fireplace equipment that my grandfather gifted me, and a floral vase on the adjacent shelf.


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