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5 Actionable Steps to Build Momentum in this Market

As agents, we’re obsessed with helping our clients reach their goals. The majority of our clients reach out to us with an objective in mind, and rely on us to provide them with the necessary tools and resources to get them there.

So what's the next step you need to take? Where do you see yourself in the next few months? Or the next year?

If you need some motivation, here are five actionable steps that our clients have taken recently which put them closer to achieving their end goal. These clients went from thinking to doing.

1. Scheduled a call with us to discuss the first steps.

Our initial conversation with you helps us understand what you want and where you are in the process. We can discuss neighborhoods that might interest you, explain the pre-approval process and put you in touch with great lenders, and start a collection so that you can browse properties and learn more about the market.

Ready to chat? Schedule a call.

2. Requested an itinerary of a new neighborhood they wanted to explore.

With our extensive knowledge of both Westchester and Fairfield County, we're able to guide you in choosing neighborhoods that fit your criteria. In a market where inventory is limited, exploring similar neighborhoods (and ones you may not have initially considered) is the best way to expand your options and narrow in on those you want to focus on. We can share some of the best local spots for you to visit to get a feel of what it's like as a local.

Ready to explore? Request an itinerary

3. Obtained underwriting pre-approval to put themselves in a stronger position for submitting offers.

We have relationships with many lenders who can work with you to get underwriting pre-approval, which takes a pre-approval to the next step by having the lender vet your financials and issue a commitment to give you a mortgage up to a specific price. By the time you submit an offer on your home of choice, you'll have already cleared any conditions that the mortgage company may have and they'll have given you a firm commitment letter. Many buyers get an underwriting pre-approval so that they have more comfort in dropping a mortgage contingency in the hopes of making their offer more competitive.

Interested in obtaining yours? Send us an email

4. Analyzed market statistics to submit a competitive and winning bid in a multiple offer situation.

We always provide our clients with the most recent market statistics when considering an offer. This information can guide you in determining a number that is both fair and competitive in this current real estate market. With our help, these clients educated themselves on the market data, understood the current value of the home, and determined a price that they felt comfortable with -- one that ultimately won them the home!

Looking for market stats? Request our latest reports

5. Scheduled a pre-listing meeting to discuss strategies and ideas.

These clients invited us to walk through their home in anticipation of putting it on the market for sale. This allowed us to learn more about the property and discuss some ideas and share our vision for certain design changes to ensure that the home shows in its best light.

Considering listing? Schedule a pre-listing meeting


If you're ready to start building momentum, reach out to us to discuss your next steps.

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